Our Story

Great companies go beyond products and services to connect with clients, employees and partners on a deeper level. We strive to do this in every interaction and have built successful partnerships since 2003. Read about our Why, What and How.  Let’s start a dialogue!

Our Why

zLinq’s purpose is to transform the communications experience. As consumers, all of us are painfully familiar with difficulties of getting phone and internet services – a feeling of dread and helplessness as we deal with complex billing issues, incompetent call center operators and a general lack of accountability. For IT departments, these problems exist on a large scale: 100s of assets, 1000s of invoice pages and many hours needed to manage it all. If you look at the Net Promoter Scores across industries, you will see technology overall is rated at 60 while telecom is rated at 27 – less than HALF – showing just how broken telecom is.

zLinq’s mission is to create a better experience in an industry that is currently painful to deal with. The name zLinq is a play on words with the telecom term ‘last mile’. Today’s definition of communications is much broader than connectivity and zLinq’s competencies extend to unified communications, collaboration and call centers. Fundamentally our mission is to continue improving solutions that connect businesses to everything mission critical.

Our What

Today we improve the experience of communications by providing an overlay lifecycle management solution that fixes deficiencies around customer service, lack of transparency, complex processes and high costs. In parallel, we continuously evaluate and implement innovations that support our mission: software tools, technologies and integrations with the ultimate goal of completely transforming the industry. 

Our How

zLinq’s story began in 2003 when our Founder Tatiana Finkelsteyn started our sister company, IQ Wired, with the goal of providing an improved, more transparent model for clients to buy and manage their technology services.

In 2018, we created zLinq as a separate brand to maintain a laser focus on communications while enabling IQ Wired to maintain a broad scope of communications and technology solutions.

Today zLinq and IQ Wired are strategic partners leveraging each others’ strengths, relationships and resources.

Core Values

We have three core values that impact how we operate:


Get Results


Build Trust


Have Fun



IQ Wired founded


Series A to fund zLinq’s telecom focus


zLinq brand launch


Transform telecom experience

Our Accomplishments

“For me and my position, I need a lot of fire and forget opportunities, and this was a fire and forget opportunity.”

VP of IT - Global Technology Company

Learn more about what we do and how we help enterprises save time, money and improve their telecom experience.

What You Gain


Generate guaranteed savings and meet cost reduction targets without overhauling your technology and vendor mix or sacrificing quality. 


Offload the management of your communications services to our professional team of major account managers dedicated to resolving and assisting in the burdensome administration. 


Improve project execution of technology initiatives involving voice and data connectivity, unified communications, collaboration and contact centers

Speed of Execution

A dedicated team of employees that helps accelerate the integration of M&A, new site deployments, divestitures, and migrations.

Employee Engagement

Give engineers and finance complete visibility to effectively manage communications assets and total costs while providing the freedom to focus on other key projects.