Over the past 16 years, we have worked with 1,000+ enterprise clients to analyze what they pay for voice and data connectivity, unified communications, collaborations and contact center services. We used this data to build a unique industry-specific benchmarking database that  allows us to estimate how much time and money clients spend on communications. Many of the companies we approach are surprised at how material time and money savings from communications can be. Please fill out the parameters below and see the impact our work has had on organizations similar to yours

95% of communications contracts are 3 years in length so optimization today has a 3-year impact!

Want to learn more about how we arrived with the ROI calculation? Schedule a meeting with one of our benchmarking experts to validate if the math will hold up in your environment!

What You Gain


Generate guaranteed savings and meet cost reduction targets without overhauling your technology and vendor mix or sacrificing quality. 


Offload the management of your communications services to our professional team of major account managers dedicated to resolving and assisting in the burdensome administration. 


Improve project execution of technology initiatives involving voice and data connectivity, unified communications, collaboration and contact centers

Speed of Execution

A dedicated team of employees that helps accelerate the integration of M&A, new site deployments, divestitures, and migrations.

Employee Engagement

Give engineers and finance complete visibility to effectively manage communications assets and total costs while providing the freedom to focus on other key projects.