zLinq launches as a stand-alone company with a goal of transforming the experience of enterprise telecom

Enterprises are investing in communications infrastructure as an essential component of their growth strategy, which is in part why properly managing telecom services is critical. The industry has always been known to be overpriced, overcomplicated, and frustrating, and the recent push to communications excellence is throwing oil on the fire. Many businesses are looking for relief. 

We are proud to announce zLinq, a telecom service management company that turns the tables to help businesses achieve leading telecommunications but at efficient, affordable investments of human and capital resources. “The telecommunications industry often feels painfully opaque and convoluted for business managers who haven’t spent their careers in it. We’ve studied it relentlessly and staked our business on the ability to systematically identify opportunities to achieve better outcomes.” says zLinq CEO Tatiana Finkelsteyn, “zLinq offers unparalleled expertise in telecom to help with strategic growth decisions in areas of network design and unified communications strategy as well as the ongoing management of these services.”

Over the past year, zLinq’s innovative telecom service management offerings have saved customers money across a wide range of industries, from healthcare through financial services. Our data has been compiled and made available as an enterprise telecommunications savings calculator to help business managers project their efficiency potential with our offerings. We use the same data to write savings guarantees into our customer contracts. So far we have a 95% win rate and Net Promoter Score of 81, a standout compared to the telecom industry average of 27.

zLinq provides an overlay telecom lifecycle management solution that fixes deficiencies around customer service, lack of transparency, complex processes and high costs. We also evaluate and implement innovations like software tools, technologies, and integrations, helping enterprises evolve telecom solutions to support rapidly changing expectations on the part of both customers and employees.

zLinq was successfully incubated by Denver-based IQWired, a trusted single-source advisor in the management of enterprise telecommunications and technology portfolios. IQWired developed zLinq to tackle the specific problems enterprises endure with telecommunications. “Our success propelled us to a level where we are able to seed new business offerings,” said Darcee Nelan, IQ Wired’s CEO. The launch of zLinq is the start of a new phase in developing targeted solutions. 

Based on our performance during our incubation period, our goal is to transform telecommunications experience for enterprises, reducing overhead and workload while improving performance aligned with strategic goals.