Telecom optimization is a process not a project. We don’t simply fix cosmetic issues on your bill, we integrate with your team and understand your environment and strategy. This approach allows us to generate value not just in year one but cumulatively in ongoing years.


Guaranteed Savings

We find that clients on average over-spend by 30% in the communications expense category. Our processes are built to identify and present savings opportunities across four areas of optimization:

  • Renegotiation
  • Billing Errors
  • Technology Changes
  • Utilization Right-Sizing

We are so confident that we will can reduce your costs, we state our savings guarantee in absolute terms at the beginning of the engagement. this includes a financial penalty for us if we dont meet it!

Our Process Flow For Optimization 


Learn your business and initiatives


Use our industry knowledge to suggest ideas


Gain approval on recommendations that make sense


Project manage the change


Validate invoices and fix billing issues


Log completed savings in software

Eliminate Waste Through Ongoing


Make sure invoiced rates match the contract and are in line with benchmarking across companies for similar services


Explore promotions available mid-contract and as non-coterminous line items expire


Optimize procurement and keep vendors honest about rates

Utilization Reviews

Make sure assets that are no longer in use are eliminated and all monthly variances are justified

Communications Lifecycle Management

More than an Agent

Your senior-level Major Client Services  Manager will provide unbiased recommendations, engineering support, the lowest contract prices, and the best terms possible – guaranteed.

More than an Auditor

Gain visibility, get expert recommendations and let us manage the implementation as well as the rest of the lifecycle at a fixed rate, so you can keep the savings.

More than a TEM

Skip expensive invoice processing and extra homework because we manage moves, adds, changes, disconnects, and other lifecycle changes in your existing environment.

“Because of how you report and document savings, our Finance group feels confident in the numbers and I was able to get additional budget for other projects as a result”

CIO, Fortune 500 Hospital System

Ongoing communications optimization ensures that you only have what you need, are paying the best pricing and can have a tremendous impact on your operating expenses and cost containment initiatives.  Turn your communications into a competitive advantage.

What You Gain

We have a proven track record of success in complex, multi-location, growing, and consolidating industries like financial services, healthcare, multi-dwelling, and technology.


Offload the management of your communications services to our professional team of major client services managers dedicated to resolving and assisting in the burdensome administration.


Generate guaranteed savings and meet cost reduction targets without overhauling your technology and vendor mix or sacrificing service quality.


Improve project execution of technology initiatives involving voice and data connectivity, unified communications, collaboration, and contact centers.

Speed of Execution

A dedicated team of employees that helps accelerate the integration of M&A, new site deployments, divestitures, and migrations.

Employee Engagement

Give engineers and finance complete visibility to effectively manage communications assets and total costs while providing the freedom to focus on other key projects.