Projects and initiatives create a large amount of  supplemental work that your team doesn’t always have the bandwidth or skillset to manage.  We can augment your resources and shorten your learning curve in the process.

Your engineers’s time is best spent on technology

Want to alienate a talented network engineer? Have them sift through thousands of pages of telecom bills and contracts. These tedious tasks leave network engineers stuck auditing invoices, reviewing contacts and driving projects with telcos as a ‘third job’. Alternatively, these administrative workloads are often distributed to financial analysts, accounts payable and other internal resources who may or may not have a background in managing telecom. Despite it being a large Operating Expense category, a dedicated telecom analyst is rarely hired until a company grows beyond 5,000 employees.

On average, non-engineering telecom administration tasks consume about 30 minutes per employee per year. The time and budget required means that an organization with 3,000 employees will generate nearly 187 days of annual work (about 28 hours per week) in telecom admin without a dedicated resource to take that on.

Let engineers focus on ‘engineery’ things instead of administrative minutia

Our Process

For example, if you are converting from MPLS to SDWAN, we augment your team at each step to:

We have built similar templates and tools to aid in migrations, deployments, merger and acquisition integrations and other business changes.

Time is Important

In today’s competitive workforce environment, you want to keep your human resources happy and engaged. But telecom workflows generate reams of paper and administrative work, weighing down your most valuable resource – time.

Telecom Lifecycle Management

More than an Agent

Your senior-level Major Account Manager will provide unbiased recommendations, engineering support, the lowest contract prices, and the best terms possible – guaranteed.

More than an Auditor

Gain visibility, get expert recommendations and let us manage the implementation as well as the rest of the lifecycle at a fixed rate, so you can keep the savings.

More than a TEM

Skip expensive invoice processing and extra homework because we manage moves, adds, changes, disconnects, and other lifecycle changes in your existing environment.

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“Because of how you report and document savings, our Finance group feels confident in the numbers and I was able to get additional budget for other projects as a result”

CIO - Fortune 500 Hospital System

We have managed thousands of projects involving voice and data connectivity, unified communications, collaboration and contact centers.

Enterprises that need to implement telecom initiatives can accelerate their projects and ensure success by working with us.