Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management companies like zLinq speak the carrier’s language, which means less haggling with telecom providers and better deals for you. With extensive industry experience, zLinq is able to benchmark your data with like companies, and work as an extension of your team to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. 

People analyze data and crunch numbers

Benefits and Proof Points

Cost Savings: On average, enterprises overspend by 32% on voice and data services. With a proven roadmap to reducing costs by almost one third, IT Teams can free up budget to invest in other initiatives.

Time Savings: With a complete inventory of your voice and data services, your IT team can focus on core responsibilities and initiatives instead of administrative minutia. 

Risk Mitigation: When you know exactly what services you have and where, you are better prepared to respond to emergencies and outages.

Budget Management: Having a real-time overview of every asset under management allows IT Teams to accurately forecast expenditures and reallocate budgets to other missions-critical needs. 

Predictable savings: Our Budget Neutral Guarantee ensures that you’ll always have a positive ROI.

“In just the first month of engagement, zLinq’s initial assessments yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in value and savings.”

Matt Dobeck, Director of Infrastructure, OTS

What We Do

Inventory & Asset Management

Build and audit inventory of services across all locations and providers 

Benchmark service rates and agreements against customer database  

Identify, review, and resolve billing discrepancies  

Research and catalog contract terms & conditions 

Vendor Management

Manage MACDs, migrations, and escalations 

Lead pricing negotiations with carriers using benchmarking data 

Complete service level agreement (SLA) reviews, request and track SLA credits 

Provide technology and vendor selection services 

Project Management

Implement strategic savings roadmap 

Coordinate project implementation for all technology and vendor migrations 

Support and manage carrier and technology changes 

​Provide ongoing lifecycle management and engineering support 

Our Scope

zLinq works with multi-location enterprises as a vendor-neutral extension of their IT team to manage the full lifecycle of their voice and data assets to solve the challenges of wasted spend, wasted time, and strategic initiative management. 

Our Process

Our process is designed to speed time to value and limit effort from our customers.  

Service: Customer Service Manager is assigned to your account 

Inventory: Build Inventory of services across all locations and providers 

Benchmarking: Conduct benchmarking of current spend against 1000+ customer database  

Audit: Conduct audit of services, check for validity, billing anomalies and errors 

Savings Roadmap: Highlight “quick win” savings and strategic, high-level recommendations to maximize long-term savings 

Lifecycle Management:  Serve as the single point of contact managing the full spectrum of services across all providers 

Savings Guarantee: If zLinq’s fee is greater than your savings implemented, we will cut you a check to refund the difference. 

zLinq key industries

The zLinq Advantage

Benchmarking: 1,000+ customer benchmarking database, focused on mid-market enterprises  

Vertical Specialization: We support clients in multiple industries but have heavy concentration of Banks, Credit Unions, Healthcare and Manufacturing giving us deep understanding of industry-specific challenges  

Buying Power: We manage over $3.5M in monthly telecom spend across 350 providers, giving us leverage to negotiate the best rates on your behalf  

Purpose-Built Software: Real-time access to your entire telecom asset inventory and cost-savings  

Telecom Expertise: Dedicated Customer Service managers average over 15+ years of telecom experience each 

Success Guarantee: Our “budget neutral” pricing ensures your savings always exceed our fees – or we cut you a check for the difference