Visualize Your Communications Inventory in Full Context 


Identify outliers: Like two locations that have the same providers and circuits but are paying different rates 

Contract management: Proactively renegotiate contracts before costs increase 

Disconnected or decommissioned circuits: Get aging assets upgraded, or turned off  

VP of IT, $8B-asset Credit Union

“By converting to SIP, we expect to save at least $19K and $38K each month off of an average $105K per month spend. zLinq also found a one time savings of $47K with our carrier.”

Our Scope

zLinq works with multi-location enterprises as a vendor-neutral extension of their IT team to manage the full lifecycle of their voice and data assets to solve the challenges of wasted spend, wasted time, and strategic initiative management. 

On Average, zLinq clients save:

zLinq financial services

The zLinq Advantage

Visualize your environment in full context. Our Visualization Toolkit collects, analyzes, and decodes your infrastructure data in near-real time for IT audiences – so you can take decisive action

Align your people around top priorities so they collaborate, not compete. Integrated consulting & support that works for, and across, all impacted teams

Execute with purpose without having to take on all the work. A risk-sharing partner model that takes on the burden of change and guarantees results.

We own the effort. You own the success.