Execute With Purpose

It’s one thing to know what changes you need in your communications ecosystem—but it’s another to actually implement them. Any consulting or specialty provider can make smart recommendations, but the actual work usually lands on you and your team.  

zLinq is the only partner who will manage the burden of change on your behalf – and back it all up with a risk-sharing model that guarantees performance: our Budget-Neutral Guarantee, where if you don’t save more than our fees, we’ll cut you a check back for the difference.  


Hold providers accountable by taking take care of MACDs, billing issues, escalations, contract terms, and credits, so that you can get what you’re owed every time

Manage large projects from beginning to backend cleanup, allowing you to identify aging or obsolete assets and get them upgraded or turned off

Negotiate contracts by tapping into a deep benchmarking database to ensure you get the best rates and T&Cs 

Director of Technical Services, Fortune 500 Hospital System

“We now don’t have to manage circuit orders, none/zero, I don’t have to contract, escalate, track and negotiate for better pricing. Don’t even have to give it a second thought. Now that we’ve had you I don’t understand why anyone would want to manage this themselves – my department needs to focus on technology and not admin tasks”

Our Impact

zLinq works with multi-location enterprises as a vendor-neutral extension of their IT team to manage the full lifecycle of their voice and data assets to solve the challenges of wasted spend, wasted time, and strategic initiative management. 

On Average, zLinq clients save:

zLinq financial services

The zLinq Advantage

Visualize your environment in full context. Our Visualization Toolkit collects, analyzes, and decodes your infrastructure data in near-real time for IT audiences – so you can take decisive action

Align your people around top priorities so they collaborate, not compete. Integrated consulting & support that works for, and across, all impacted teams

Execute with purpose without having to take on all the work. A risk-sharing partner model that takes on the burden of change and guarantees results.

We own the effort. You own the success.